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3/24 (Sun) ~ 4/7 (Sun) 2024  《Weeping Peach Village Festival​》

The Rendaiji Onsen "Weeping Peach Festival" will be held from March 24th (Sunday) to April 7th (Sunday), 2024!

I'm so happy that the coronavirus pandemic has subsided, many events in Izu have resumed since last year, and Shimoda, Izu, has regained its vitality.

<Each event information>

"Weeping Village Festival"

Opening ceremony: 

March 24th (Sun) 9:30~ (Weeping Momo no Sato Park)


“118 Tier Hina Decorations” Exhibition

March 24th (Sun) - April 7th (Sun) (Tenjin Shrine)

Hina decorations can be seen on the 118 steps (the highest number of steps in Japan) that lead up to the shrine grounds.

*May be canceled due to weather.

Shimoda High School Band Performance (Brass Band) Schedule


Special release

National Important Cultural Property “Seated Statue of Dainichi Nyorai”

City cultural property “Statue of the Four Heavenly Kings”

March 24th (Sunday) - April 7th (Sunday) Visiting hours 9:30-15:30

Hot spring inn tour Kuseiryuso, Kagetsutei, Ishibashi Ryokan>

March 22nd (Friday) - April 25th (Thursday)

Tickets are 1,000 yen.Sales points: 3 inns, tourist association, store, shop 3/1-4/23

And more events in this year!

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