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An open space with a large atrium

There are two buildings Hamabe Ōura and​ Kazaguruma is a villa that can be rented out luxuriously.

Bedroom: 2 rooms for up to 4 people

with private pool

Hamabe Kazaguruma

Get off at Shimoda Station and head towards the town of Shimoda and follow the promenade in the bay. Hamabe Ōura can be seen.

The front is a maisonette Kabuto, and the back is Kazaguruma that can be rented out as a whole.

There is also a private pool at the rental villa Teiban, which is one rank higher in the center.





《The First floor》

Living dining kitchen: 47.8㎡ (28.8 tatami mats)

Bathroom: 13.3㎡ (8.0 tatami mats)

《The Second floor》

Bedroom A: 26.8㎡ (16.1 tatami mats)

Bedroom B: 27.1㎡ (16.3 tatami mats)

《Total area》

Total: 143.8㎡ (approximately 43 tsubo)

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