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A compact rental villa where you can drop in casually

There are two buildings Hamabe Ōura​ The maisonette-type cottage is Kabuto

Kabuto A & Kabuto B Bedroom: 1 room for up to 2 people

Traveling with a small group or family

Hamabe Kabuto

Get off at Shimoda Station and head towards the town of Shimoda and follow the promenade in the bay. Hamabe Ōura​ can be seen.

The front is a maisonette type Kabuto, and the back is a Kazaguruma that can be rented out as a whole.

There is also a private pool at the rental villa Teiban, which is one rank higher in the center.





《The First floor》

Living dining kitchen: 30.0㎡ (18.1 tatami mats)

《The Second floor》

Bedroom: 17.0㎡ (10.2 tatami mats)

Bathroom: 9.5㎡ (5.7 tatami mats)

《Total area》

Total: 67.3㎡ (about 20 tsubo)

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