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Design inspired by Japanese traditional culture "Origami"

Site surrounded by quiet sea and natural trees

Opened Hamabe Ōura, a rental villa with the image of a windmill (Kazaguruma) and a helmet (Kabuto)

How to Enjoy Hamabe Ōura 

If you go a little south from the lively Perry Road, which is said to have invited Perry's fleet (black ships) in the streets of Shimoda,​ Hamabe Ōura​ there is.

If you take a walk on the promenade in front of you, you can enjoy the aquarium and Shimoda Park, which is full of hydrangeas.

In order to create a space where visitors can be healed from the bottom of their hearts,

The site is designed to make the most of the natural trees that were growing at the source as much as possible,It is a building that generously uses natural materials..

Rental vacation homes are used by people of all ages, from people who don't like crowds to people who don't mind being seen and their privacy is protected.

And since it is one group per day, there is no risk of infection with Covid-2019.

As for meals, when you go to the city of Shimoda, there are shops that handle the famous Kinmedai, yakiniku and soba. If you enjoy BBQ, there is a supermarket nearby that sells local ingredients, so you can purchase fresh seafood.

(For more information Activity. Please refer to the. )

Please enjoy the newly built condominium that opened in 2020.



Strolling around Shimoda

If you take a stroll along the promenade in front of you, you will find the aquarium and hydrangeas bustling with people.

You can enjoy it at Shimoda Park.

A space rich in nature overlooking a quiet bay

The large trees on the premises are left in their natural state to blend in with nature.

The building also uses a lot of luxurious natural wood.

Visitors can feel the warmth of nature with their five senses.


I like the sound of the waves

When you look at the ocean with a calm mind, you can hear the chirping of wild birds and the soothing sound of waves.

A compact rental villa where you can drop in casually.


Hamabe Ōura
Address: 3-24-28 Shimoda City, Shizuoka, 415-0023

Kabuto in front of the parking lot is a maisonette type,
Kazaguruma is a special villa where you can rent out the entire luxurious space.







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