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 Even it's compact

Hamabe can experience

There are 3 buildings​ Hamabe Ōse among them, the smallest facility is Minokake

Bedroom: 1 room for up to 1-2 people

with private pool

Hamabe Minotake

If you go down the signboard near the top, you will find the largest rental villa, Ōse, and if you follow the road without getting off the signboard, you will see Minokake. In addition, the rental villa closest to the seaside at the back is Shiosai.

​*Because it is located in a national park, there are steep slopes on the premises. If you have a large private car, we recommend that you change to a light car for the facility before going up the slope.



《The First floor》

Main space: 27.9㎡ (16.8 tatami mats)

Tatami space: 11.6㎡ (7 tatami mats)

Bathroom: 12.3㎡ (7.4 tatami mats)

《Total area》

Total: 54.4 m2 (about 16 tsubo)

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