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The magnificence of the sea, the sound of the waves, the smell of the tide, the seasonal plants

Protected by national parks, liberate your mind from everyday lifecanprivacy

How to Enjoy Hamabe Ōse

Hamabe Ōse​ is located in a national park where you can enjoy the sea and the mountains at the same time. There are also many

scenic spots and parks nearby where you can enjoy nature.

It's a secluded place, so you can have a BBQ or play games with your friends in the lawn garden without hesitation.

Rental vacation homes are used by people of all ages, from people who like to avoid crowds to people who don't mind being seen and their privacy is protected.

And since it is one group per day, there is no risk of infection with Covid-2019.

Meals are served with local ingredients in the neighborhood Super Aokior, Aoki Sazae,I zu Fisheries Cooperative Association,

you can buy fresh seafood at low prices.

If you go to the town of Shimoda, you will find shops that sell the famous Kinmedai, yakiniku (grilled meat) and soba noodles. (For more information Activity Please refer to the. )

We look forward to making your visit a memorable one.


Hamabe​ Ose

Garden lawn and pool

In the large lawn garden in Ōse, you can enjoy BBQ and games with friends, and there is also a standard pool in a higher-grade rental villa.

Be healed by the superb view

Nearby is Hirizo Beach, which boasts one of the clearest swimming beaches in Japan,

Ryugu Cave, known as a heart-shaped cave,

There is also Yuusuge Park where you can see the spectacular sunset.

Hamabe Shiosai

A space where you can be healed by the fluctuation of the sound of the waves

Located within only 30m from the waterfront, listening to the sound of the waves nearby,

The best time to gracefully entrust yourself to nature and hone your sensibilities.

Luxury away from the hustle and bustle

You can feel the sound of the waves and the scent of the tide closest to you,

The most relaxing space in Hamabe Ōse with "1/f fluctuation".


Hamabe Minokake

A small space that condenses luxury

View the ocean from the large living room windowRelax on tatami mats,

Perfect for a solo trip or a couple's trip to enjoy nature.

Superb view like a painting

A superb view overlooking the seaside from the large window on the wall.

Hamabe Ōse
851 Ose, Minami-Izu Gun, Kamo-Cho, Shizuoka,  

Hamabe Ōse​ centered around Ōse
It consists of 3 facilities.

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