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Eating out here is one of the most enjoyable places to visit, and is as good as any sophisticated restaurant in Tokyo or anywhere in the world.

You can enjoy local cuisine using local specialties to your heart's content.

Specialties of Minamiizu include red snapper, flying fish, spiny lobster and turban shell. We will also introduce a wide range of famous local restaurants.

[Japanese food] Spiny lobster and alfonsino sashimi

[Japanese food] Turban shell, spiny lobster set meal

[Western food] Delicious meat shop

[Soba] Yumigahama Sarashina Soba

[Japanese food] Iso cuisine

[Eel] Boasting "hidden eel"

[Western food] Shimoda Burger

[Tempura] An old folk house in Minamiizu

[Japanese food] Alfonsino sashimi and stewed

[Sushi] 2 stores in Shimoda city

[Soba] A long-established soba in Shimoda


It is a convenient store for buying ingredients and alcoholic beverages when staying at Hamabe.

Convenient for procuring food during your stay

[Roadside Station] Roadside Station in Shimoda City

Procurement of fresh seafood at the time of stay

Information site of Shimoda

[Roadside Station] Roadside Station in Minamiizu Town

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