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Shimoda Minami-Izu Town

​The town has so much history, hot springs, temples and shrines that it's hard to see.


Izu Oku-Shimoda Drinking hot springs, Kannon hot springs with free-flowing private sources. A moment to play with your loved ones


Shirahama Shrine is located near the tip of the Izu Peninsula and is the oldest shrine in Izu with a history of 2400 years.


The water quality is weakly alkaline, colorless and transparent, and suitable for drinking.


Ryosenji was founded in 1635 by Denshiro Imamura, the second magistrate of Shimoda.


A foot bath in the square in front of Izukyu Shimoda Station. Design using sea cucumber walls typical of Shimoda


You can easily rent by downloading the app and paying on the spot.


One of the Seven Wonders of Izu, the mast of a Sengokubune is used for the foundation of the shrine.


``Thirty-three Kannon'' stone Buddha statues are enshrined in the hollow of the cliff created by the erosion of submarine volcanic eruptions.


Approximately 1,000 of the approximately 2,000 materials and relics related to the opening of Japan will be replaced and exhibited.


The largest town-run day-trip hot spring facility in Shimogamo Onsen. There is both an open-air part and an indoor bath.


Gyokusen-ji Temple has a valuable history as a central stage of the history of the opening of the country at the end of the Edo period and coloring the history of opening the country.


Perry's fleet landed at Shimoda and marched to Ryosenji with 300 men on the 400-meter road


Benten Island is where Shoin Yoshida attempted to board the Kurofune. Bronze statues of Shoin Yoshida and Jusuke Kaneko on the lawn square

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